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Hi Dan,
What's happened to TrekEarth ? In fact nothing special I think. I am member for more than 3 years now and I have always known this situation, the so called 'positive thinking'. Always find something positive to tell and avoid the negative critique, just to collect as much as possible green faces. That's the reason why I don't post pictures, only workshops (no green faces, just 'useful' or not and eventually a mail).
Another fact is the lack of own discipline towards the rules; for example, why are the so called 'additional view' allowed as workshops ? They are no workshops, they are only a way to circumvent the rule that says 'Do not post more than one photograph a day'
A third fact is: nobody accept any more to be said how to do something the right way, they all know better !
As you said Dan, sad state of things...
Regards, Guy
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