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Default 37thframe and Lenswork

I had not seen the thread started by Maciek on this subject, but I think this new forum might actually be a very good idea. Not that I think myself that we can talk about photography without, following the circumstances, also referring to the techniques involved (photography or post processing techniques) and eventually the equipment being used. These are several axes of the same subject and therefore, the first two suggestions I will be posting here cover more than a simple link to a photograph or a site that has pleased me from an aesthetically point of view.


First of all let me suggest you the above website. The interesting thing about it, is that you’ll get to know (if you don’t know him already) Mike Jonhston who has been writing on photography for about 20 years. I strongly recommend you to subscribe to his newsletter which has always several articles and reviews worth every cent you’ve spent on it (no…I’m not getting a percentage for each new subscription…). For those of you who would like to keep it free of charge, Mike Jonhston writes a column in Luminous landscape website :

Please get to know his writings. It’s properly “delicious”.


Lenswork is a fine art photography website. All those interested in B&W photography, fine prints, and excellent articles on known and less known photographers. Lenswork magazine, which can be subscribed through their website, is one of the best I’ve seen to date on the subject. It usually has an in depth focus on the work of some photographers, with a high quality use of paper and prints.

Hope you’ll enjoy these two suggestions as much as I do. Long life to this forum.

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