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Default Re: Canon EOS300D problems with autofocus

Be not surprised for the 600 ask... My experience with a Powershot S40 was discouraging! (in my case the zoom was locked always out and
the camera reported an error number)
But i have something learned: try to ask an ANOTHER authorizer repair center ( in Italy are 4 or 5 different). The first say me that my whole optical sistem was KO for my guilt (!!) and asked 350 plus 15 for expedition and 5 weeks for the return. Note that at the time a new S45 camera was perhaps 500...
The second say OK is simply an hardware problem (!!), 130 + 10 expedition and 3 weeks.
The lesson is clear, self repair is not a good idea (motor and/or hardware are impossible to self repair) but ask another center, the price preview can be VERY different!
good luck, i know very well how frustrating is!
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