Invalid ac_i_query

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  • I have the same problem
  • I confirm: there is a problem with the encoding of special characters as accents.

  • just tried to enter a critique, I got the following answer

    Invalid ac_i_query for a critique writen in french.

    I wrote a critique in english, it was accepted
  • I'm now struggling to enter a critiques in English!
  • Me too but not with all images
  • The HTML page returned by the server is encoded in UTF-8 while the page meta property is set to iso-8859-1 charset. It is not surprising that there are problems displaying accents !
  • The system doe not recognize AZERTY police Characters with accent
  • Another curious detail is that no viewings of photos seem to have been registered since approximately 10:00 Pacific time on Monday February 23. Even photos that have received more than 20 points have been viewed 0 times. :-)
  • yes me too
    Me too
  • Ok I stop posting until I see a solution of the problem