Water droplets, flowers and toothbrushes

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  • Quote: Bonjour Donato!

    Merci pour votre participation à ce forum.
    Have wonderful Christmas Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

    Bonnes fêtes à toi Viviane et à tout le personnel.

  • Thank you Donato, from me too - another TE Mod. It's so frustrating when people ignore rules, here or in the 'real world', and then complain about having to suffer the consequences.

    I think some of the speed limits in the area I live are too low, but if I choose to go at the speed I think is OK.....
  • I cannot understand the obstinacy some people have to post those subject in TE when there is a dedicated site like Treklens or Treknature.

    You are right, I have removed all my photos from TE.

    Happy new year