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Great markoci 2007-05-19 23:23

as you know i'm not good with words and being late to comment, it's hard to add to the above critiques... this one's about the colors of course and the (from you)rather unusual pp which resulted in a very painting-like effect.. (do you also find yourself often saturating your shots from india? maybe it's just my new camera...) a 60s/70s painted movie poster was what came to my mind immediately too.. indeed i think we're getting two photos here for the price of one, not only because of the dividing composition and the very opposite expressions of the characters but also two quite different processing of the two people... it's as if the woman is just peeking into reality from a poster on the wall.. anyways an interesting effect, a bit borderline perhaps for me too, i can relate to darren's feelings but i think i still like it overall..

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Default To markoci: saturation

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your comments.
As for the PP, pls check my reply to Inasiajones, as I know you can perfectly read french. In summary, the left side is probably the more genuine part compared to the right hand side (in fact most people do not understand this is taken below a kind of velum, with many artificial shop lightings, this is what makes the lighting so studio like. Funny how things should match with what the readers think is reality.).

As for a two photos opportunity I deeply disagree, in fact I couldn't disagree more to this statement. This photo is, like I wrote, a theatrical scene between the two shop tennants. Without the contrast range (ie. man/woman smile/despair dynamism/sleepiness) the photo just doesn't exist at all. Apart from being starved two years from clicking, I don't see which kind of intersting photo I could get from this guy and his tomatoes, it would be of too meager interest, if you ask me.

"(do you also find yourself often saturating your shots from india? maybe it's just my new camera...)"

On this part I think the trouble is on your side, either your camera settings or your computer monitor. I have looked at your Indian shots, they all seem to have a general problem with soft contrast and overall density. If you look at your previous shot from Burma for example, you'll see they appear very differently on your screen, India weirdly looks taken through a grey haze. I wonder whether you also used that criminal Auto White balance, which converts everything to more dullness.

I don't remember whether the 30D uses the 5D color modes. I'm using "Faithful" mode which enhance a bit some color channels like yellow and red. I get more vivid tints without too much saturation like for the "landscape" color mode.

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Default Re: To markoci: saturation

once again i wasn't clear :-((((.. (as i said i'm not good with words) the two in one was only in reference to the two very different post processing/achieved effect.. of course the two "sides" go together and indeed it's what makes the shot...

indeed i don't have the optimal settings on my 30d as i found out the hard way (unfortunately i didn't have enough shots taken before my trip) i don't use auto wb, my day shots are all taken in "cloudy" mode.. i do have the same colour modes, i use "custom", where the sharpness is increased (by 3 stops), as well as the contrast and the saturation (+1 stop each)... i still feel i need to do quite a bit of extra saturation in pp... i also used to underexpose my shots by -2/3 on the 300d which seems to be too much for the 30d (indeed i made a mistake here and this shot was at -1.00 ev)

and my final "excuse" for this one is that on this morning it was very hazy (we actually had some rain the previous night) and the light was very subdued...

thanks for taking the time to comment and for the ws (indeed i could have done better)
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