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While I enjoy (and almost feel that I must) see the things which are super-touristy (after all, they did become popular for a reason, in most cases), I also really enjoy going off the beaten path, and seeing the things that are not seen so often. Where I spent most of my time in Peru counts as this. I also find that whenever I am in a new city, I just wander like mad, and end up in real neighbourhoods, where city life actually happens; I don't just stick to the main tourist thoroughfares. I have been and will continue to post photos from both of my major overseas trips (and hopefully post photos from areas rarely seen on TrekEarth), and I also have plenty of pictures from various trips through Canada and the U.S., and my day-to-day life in Ontario.

I am by no means a great photographer, and I only have an advanced compact camera (if I ever stop pursuing degrees and start working, maybe I will get myself a nice digital SLR), so my method is usually to take 200 photos of the same thing, and one or two might be decent. And I usually just take photos on automatic setting. So any advice on framing, just how to use the f-stop, ISO, etc. to my advantage, etc. will be much appreciated.

English is my mother tongue, and growing up in Canada, I learned some French, but unfortunately they don't ever really try to teach you how to be fluent. So I can't really speak or write French, but if you write to me in French I will be able to get the gist of it, and hopefully sooner, rather than later, I will actually learn French properly. Since I am on a career-path to become an archaeologist of the Andean region, I am learning Spanish. I am far from fluent, but I can read and sort of write in Spanish, so feel free to talk to me in Spanish. Or rather, yo no habla espaol muy bien, pero habla un poco, asi ustedes puede escrib mi en espaol y yo probablamente entiende, mas o menos. Yo escrib un poco en espaol tambien...

I don't have any really major travel plans at the moment, but I will be going to Vancouver for a conference. The last time I was in Vancouver I didn't yet have a digital camera, so I'm sure that I will take many pictures of the city, and one or two may appear here. Other than that, I am hoping to get to the Yukon this summer, and if I finish my thesis then I may get back to Peru in the fall...
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