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A short update: my attention has just been drawn to the fact that while leaving comments under your photos I'm not leaving "smileys"- please do not think I'm mean:-) I have switched off myself from the point system and I didn't realize that by doing so it has also become impossible for me to give points to other members. Well, hope that words mean more than points..

And as for all started with travelling, which is my first and greatest passion.I used to treat photography as a way of capturing memories from trips, but it has expanded to a separate hobby,with a life of its own. I haven't discovered my own "way", or "style" if you prefer this world, I don't think I ever will, and I don't think I want to. It's the ongoing process of learning that holds my interest. And perhaps some day photography as such will be replaced by another hobby or passion, so for the time being, I'm here to enjoy it until it's done with me.
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