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Now THAT's the life!
Now THAT's the life! (8)
Trip Date:2006-01-10 - 2006-01-17
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Countries visited:パキスタン
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I was in Pakistan in January for a medical relief trip to the earthquake hit region of Kashmir.

These pictures are of the wonderful people and the beautiful country they live in.

We stayed in a Military camp in Mong Bajri, and made trips up to the hills aound where the villagers lived.

This had been a most rewarding trip, and I found the Kashmiri people extremely warm and hospitable.

Even after the earthquake destroyed most of their homes, they remained resilient and continued with their lives.

Some of them lost their loved ones, but the pain is only just visible.

The children were especially wonderful - laughter echoing out from the ruins and wherever they went.

These pictures do not do justice to God's creation in that beautiful contry.