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joseelias 02-06-2007 02:03 PM

To RGatward: Hi!
Hi Richard!

Thanks for your welcome. Yes Iíve returned, but Iím mainly posting as I donít have much time to write critiques. :-(

Regarding the size, I personally havenít had problems - at least havenít come across abuses in terms of unauthorized printing of my photos Ė but know of two cases where photos with about 800 pixels have been upsized and printed. In a case it was a yearly agenda, and in other a billboard in a known store decoration.

I know, that this small size doesnít prevent all, especially internet abuse, but it will limit it a bit more, and prevent much of the illegal prints.

Unfortunately these type of crimes doesnít seem to worry much neither the authorities or the computer industry, who donít seem to be worried in creating ways to make the image posting saferÖ

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