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jufego 07-20-2005 03:04 AM

To sharizadel: I like the iron bars...
Because give more deepnesss to the photo... if not, it will be very plain...
And about the sky... i guess is my choice... the photo its about the sea, and the people that earns his life in it.
At least, your position is respectable... as mine is.

sharizadel 07-20-2005 03:26 PM

Re: To sharizadel: I like the iron bars...
Ok Juan, maybe u right about the bars (even if i still dont like them)But as regard the sky, dont u think that the condition of the sky is more important of the sea itself??? Well... a fisherman decide to go out in the sea after he has seen the sky, if the sky is not good better to stay people that earns their life in the sea always depend on the good or bad 'will' of the sky...


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