Can't update my profile

  • Well, not possible at all over a period of a year or even more. What's going on? I have profile that is 10 years old already and not relevant any more.

    Can someone fix this extremely annoying bug, please?

    I don't want to ask the staff here to delete my account because then all the memoires will go away. But this site is so buggy that it is almost unbearable.
  • Alright, this is obviously not the answer that you want to hear, but this is the truth: anything that is not photo uploading will likely not be fixed. Our tech team is simply stretched too thin and TE is a lower priority.

    It is unfortunate, because I love this site and it inspired me to travel more, but that is the reality of the business aspect.
  • Thanks for the honesty IBJoel. Although activity on the site has reduced over the years, IB has been entirely responsible for its current near death state. They never seem to have had any real interest in the site and have always been extremely slow to fix problems even in the days when some of the issues were addressed.