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Needs Improvement joseelias 2007-02-27 9:22

The following critique was written when originally the photo was posted without any note. Just an image of a dead rabbit.

I think death should be treated with respect, no matter being of a human or animal, so when someone presents an image of it, it should be respectfull and at least write some words about it, not making the death of a living being into a freak exhibitionist fair.

Original critique (I think it says all):

"This is the first time I use this smiley in over a year participating. The reason? I find this photo of very bad taste and offensive.

The objective of this site is learn something of the world through photography and this does not teach me anything. I know rabbits die and bleed. Everybody knows that so this photo add no value.

I would accept if in the note this there was a vegetarian manifest, ideas defending the hunt, or even a proposal on how to cook rabbits, but not this way.

This is a disgusting and offensive image. But you know what? Not offensive to us! Offensive to the rabbit which is a living creature and thus deserve respect.

Would you like to see a pet you love exposed this way? Or someone you love? Yes, because in the end we are all the same. Simple living creatures. No more no less.

More, even as a photo it's very bad! One of the worst in the whole site!"

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Default To joseelias: Rabbit bleeding

Everybody knows that Eiffel Tower is beautiful, then why take its pictures? And it isn't a bad photo: I believe it produces exactly the reaction that the author expected. All you need to see is the rabbit, which looks still alive, and its blood: the picture is laconic.
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Default Re: To joseelias: Rabbit bleeding


Photos should have a message, transmit an idea.

When this photo was posted it had no note, nothing explainig what it was about or wht it was its meaning. So it was nothing than a bad shot. An exhibitionism of bad taste.

Well, it still is... And don't get me wrong, when I was younger I killed rabbits with may hands for lunch, so I'm not a radical vegetarian or anything like it.

But nevertheless, I respect animals and I think death, no matter of what animal (including humans), should be treated with respect and meaning. Death is a more serious thing than Eiffel tower, and should be treated that way.

I repeat, this photo was posted originaly without any note. Just as exhibitionist bad taste image. If it had any kind of meaningful note I would have said anything just I like I've mentioned in my critique.
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Default Re: To joseelias: Rabbit bleeding

i believe photos should be understood without notes, or at least one should try to see the meaning without notes (which are anyway welcome).
And I try to first say what I think and only then read the notes and comments.

i admit that this picture doesn't suit the site
from the point of view that it doesn't show a place or a person or anything that could be called sightseeing.

However it can teach something about photography:
This pictures shows a contrast between life and death in their unity: light blurred horizontal lines versus dark in-focus vertically placed rabbit.
On the one hand the blurred background symbolizes life without any taste, I mean, useless empty everyday life without colors that many people have to live (or think they have to).
On the other hand the rabbit, soft and warm,
maybe still alive, shows how fragile is life.

So technically the picture is perfect and the idea it expresses is an eternal one:
Life and death go side by side
and to see how dear your life is you have to face your death.
Maybe that's why more people are doing crazy things
like car racing, parachuting or even going to wars.

The author might not imply this however,
I'm not good enough at French.
But a really good thing makes you think a lot.

I never killed animals and this picture doesn't tell me that I should stop eating animals.
It tells me: life is fragile, keep enjoying it
cuz you can die any second...
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