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Great Homerhomer 2005-11-05 9:38

Mingfang, this is a fantastic photo, technicallities apart (which is all very good starting from the contrast, composition etc), the photo is unusual and extremely interesting, mostly because we can never take it because dog fighting is illegal in the western world, and unless you can get into illegal rings, chances are you will never see it (it's not to say it doesn't exist here, unfortunately it still does).

As for the subject itself, I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate those people, for me they are simply stupid f##ks that take pleasure in pain and suffering of animals which affects not only the two pits in the ring but millions of dogs and poeple around the world. Not only animals are in the horrendours pain with their flesh ripped apart, but the thirst for blood those f$$$ng poeple have gives punks around the world an impression that it's good to have a tough a$$ dog, make them aggressive which leads our stupid government to banning of whole breeds and putting to sleep thousands of dogs that haven't done anything wrong.

The tradition may be going back to Song dynasty, but something must have happened along the way because pit bulls type dogs used in this event came hundreds years after the dynasty died, they origin in England and not in China, so the tradition theory is a stretch. Yes, in some cases dog fighting can be made humanly, in some Japanese rings (and this can be called tradition because their use the same japanese breeds for centuries, akitas and tosa inu) they put muzzle on dogs so they don't injure themselves and let them wrestle, a bit like sumo. Poeple are happy and animals are not harmed, it's all good.

Fantastic picture of a despicable event.

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Default To Homerhomer: about the dog fighting

hi Peter,

Thanks for your nice comment! I should replied it at last night, but suddenly i couldn't go into TE. at the moment i was very shoke same as watching this event. i thought i was banned to TE because of this pic,but fortunately I'm still in here.

I am very sorry that this pic made you angry and sad, even would hate me. i know you love dog very much. to tell the truth, i don't like to show this kind pics, it is not good for china, and i even forgot i ever had this pic. but one day i heard of a piece of news from TV, which said there was cock fighting in the public in Shanghai, maybe they do it in the same way as you said putting muzzle on cock, I don't know more. but i decided to show this pic.if i don't do it how to make the people know this behave still exist, maybe you can do some good things for this behave.

Actually, this event is not allowed for the government, and not many people like to see it. but still have someone who like as your said for$$$ to do it.

It was not easy for me to take this photo, because the boss knew that not good for them. so they mind and starting at me all the time. I'm so scared at the moment, but i think now that event should has been stopped in this place .

Thanks a lot and take care.
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Old 11-07-2005, 04:28 AM
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Default Re: To Homerhomer: about the dog fighting

Mingfang, I am looking forward to seeing more photos from this event, ofcourse I don't hate you for posting this, I still love you ;-)
Awarness is the key word, posting such pics may make some poeple aware of the situation. I see that you may think this type of images may cast a negative opinions about China, but we all know no country is perfect and for the part of learning about the world we should be aware of the good and the bad.
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