Photographer's Note

The Giant

Meet Joaquin

Seemingly dwarfed by the rusty giant , but wait

By the magic of photography HE is the giant now

For, he is a working man

He will bring the money home, at the end of the day !


For Dennis (Dpbours)and his elegy on a working man - I dedicate this stuff of mine...

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Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Theme(s): Working people, TE' Family Of Men, Portraits of my definition, Peru exclusive,
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Original date submitted: 2007-11-10 5:06
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AndreiSter (0)
[2007-11-10 5:22]

Seems to be a boy to me,a hard working one.Hard ways of daily life.Teenager at work.Goood Job George.

Have a great weekend

cunejo200 (5560)
[2007-11-10 6:12]

Hello George,
A nice tribute to the working man. Your portrait of him shows a trustworthy and a hardworking man. Good work in b&w. Greetings! Danilo

MarcT (4249)
[2007-11-10 6:21]

Hi George,
excellent portrait with great eye contact. Leaving just B&W helps a lot bringing the special mood at the forefront.
Best regards

andante (6021)
[2007-11-10 6:50]

Ah! So the unsung hero is not anonymous anymore, you have given him back his identity. You can tell by his eyes that he is a smart kid, his hands say that he is good at his craft, and probably he has been a mechanic since he was a little kid helping around.


ugur_yilmaz (928)
[2007-11-10 7:54]

Hello George,
Nice work, well composed portrate. The Mood is smashing the visitors at the first moment. I like it a lot.

Traczewska (3722)
[2007-11-10 9:05]

He is not longer a boy, he is a man.. Man who earns, who works, who fights.. who doesn't rely on his mother, girl, wife.. Man who is more male than female.. Such a rare challenge!!
Undoubtely, it is worth to go to Peru to make one! Congratulations for discovering dinosaur in the sand.. handsome one.. Nice to watch! :)
with regards, Agnieszka

lestans (9679)
[2007-11-10 9:19]

(Człowiek z marmuru)

I had been able to find Andrzej Wajda 1976 great movie!! In Italian is "L'uomo di marmo", or "Marble Man".

Is he his son?



MiguelP (11342)
[2007-11-10 9:44]

This time I dont need to observe the photo more than once in order to writte some words about it: This is all the opposite of what you uploaded the other day, I think the other one allow us to get more lectures but this one of this handsome man is also very attractive: A knife in his hand to get the hunt for the family at the end of the day. In certain ways, not too much has changed since the prehistoric man. Take care George.

polter (2490)
[2007-11-10 10:14]

No dobrze, wygrałeś :)).
Bernard Shaw napisał swego czasu sztukę "Kandyda" - tak jakoś mi przyszła do głowy, ale za długo by pisać, skąd skojarzenie... Chodzi tam (w uproszczeniu) o to, jakiego mężczyznę wybierze prawdziwa kobieta i dlaczego ;)))... Jak złudne jest przekonanie mężczyzny o własnej sile (bądź słabości) i jak kobieta postrzega swoją rolę w jego życiu.
Tak - młody człowiek zarabia pieniądze, po rączkach widać, jakiego wysiłku to wymaga. W oczy prosto patrzy przekonany, że stać go na utrzymanie rodziny, że daje oparcie, że jest kimś ważnym dla rodziny, dla patrona, w końcu dla tego gościa z aparatem fotograficznym...
Jego słabością jest, że się bez tej rodziny, bez jej wsparcia, bez podtrzymywania go w przekonania o jego znaczeniu obejść nie może... :)) I tak jest dobrze. Najlepiej.

Serdeczności T.

ninaL (11001)
[2007-11-10 13:17]

Posikolom sie, Jurek !!!
Tak jak Polterce mowiles...
Spojrzenie...to jego spojrzenie, gdzies w gore...taa...twarz z marmuru...te rece i ramiona...wiecej pisac nie bede, chyba ze wroce, gdy zmienie gatki :).
Pozdr. G.
PS : a gdzie obiecane kwiatki ???

designsoul (21126)
[2007-11-10 13:19]

This is a shot with tremendous guts, George. A powerful, strong, immediate portrait that could not have a greater edge, sharp like the knife he is holding... superb monumental bw! This is when one would say, "NOW we're talking!" This shot has that powerful punch. Fantastic work!

kensimage (6394)
[2007-11-10 14:29]

I really like the look on his working man's face, George--calm but intense, and highly dignified. He is no defeated member of the working masses crushed by oppressive capitalists. He is very much an individual, making strong eye contact, not in his role as repairman but just as a curious human being. The world is made up of individuals, and your photography always brings that point home well, George. (P.S. You do really well WITHOUT grain and noise, too!)

mesutilgim (14424)
[2007-11-10 15:22]

Hi George
Very nice b&w capture. Good pov, very well composed. Good portrait of this worker. Well done my friend !
TFS and have a nice weekend
Best regards

bantonbuju (38689)
[2007-11-10 22:59]

he is GIANT, jurek...
for his family, for his friends, his children (if he has one or if he will have some, it does not matter much)...
he'll be back home today and he'll tell everyone "there was that strange man, today, in my shop, and he told me i was an interesting individual and asked me to pose for him which i did...see? i told you i was an important man..see? the man was from canada, he will show my photo to many people..."
you gave him some motivation, jurek...
you give US heck of a lot of motivation to treat people as GIANTS...
all the best for this national day in OUR country...

faubry (22663)
[2007-11-11 2:03]

bonsoir George, a very nice uoung man with beautiful face, yeyes are very nice like latin man... superb composition like you know very well captured, you are a master for me.. bravo for this photo reportage about hard work... soon, have a good we

Furachan (0)
[2007-11-11 3:37]

Terrific cross-shaped compo here, George - a resounding portrait! Very, very strong, no messing, unflinching focus where itcounts the eyes. Great "blue colar" series from Peru. Enjoyed it very much.

bombilla (2206)
[2007-11-11 12:02]

You definitely made a giant of out him, George. Or he showed you what a giant he is, perhaps. Did you go too far, I wonder? He has taken on a notable monumentality here. In some ways, this is almost the opposite of the previous shot. In that one, he was an anonymous human, defaced, insignificant in the presence of the machine. Here he is beyond human. He looks like a statue. One of those triumphant, idealized representations created for various purposes to praise the common man. It is the look you captured in his eyes. He does not see you. He is not in the world. He stands there representing all laborers, all working men. Perhaps that's what you wanted. But he still is not Joaquin, in my opinion. It's a giant. It's all men. But it's not Joaquin, the singular individual person you met. Best, -Hugh

Dpbours (4120)
[2007-11-11 23:37]

Hello George,

I really appreciate that you dedicate this photograph to me. And not just because it's a wonderful portrait of this working man, but because you dedicate a working man to me!

Not just a landscape, a macro of a little bird or a street shot. No, the working man that also deserves all dedication.

Thank you my friend.

Greetings, Dennis

eleparc (23693)
[2007-11-12 17:42]

superb sociological portrait of this working man! and a great b&w result! strong and full of emotion!

KevRyan (19082)
[2007-11-13 16:34]

hi George - nice enough shot - I like the arrangement.

Good to see the man after all the introduction - he appears to look over you which is a bit of a shame perhaps when there could have been a more direct relationship with the camera - it's perhaps a little less natural and less connected to the man - really to the man as a result - kind of dis-engaged.......this may be partly due to the 'black eyes' too - to my mind it always makes people look a little alien without some light or definition IN the eye (perhaps on a larger scale it would look differently) ......sometime so much easier said than done though especially in natural light. i like his finger tips and nails - they tell me more about the man i think and his work.

tc bw kev

cam (7712)
[2007-11-14 11:14]

Hi Georges
Hum, I think you are disturbing this worker in his work, to pose for you.He has his best smile,Mona Lisa style.Contratry to the lady, I will be careful about this smile, looking at what he holds in his hand.
Lets group your photo with Henk's and mine, and we will get a good look on the country and its inhabitants.
On e of your best here.
have a good day

AROBN54 (4255)
[2007-11-14 15:18]

Bonsoir, George,
I like this shot. I like the stance, the pride, the direct gaze. He must look much like his Indian ancestors who traded, hunted, worked hard and were successful before they were... shown the error of their ways by the Conquistadors. I think you did a great job showing us a giant. Beautifully done! Warmest regards,

rbcy1974 (18496)
[2007-11-15 3:48]

Hello Geroge
What a wonderful portrait. He has such a proud allure to him and he seems like a generally nice guy. Your camera has done wonders to capture the soul of this guy.
Well done

ares (0)
[2007-11-15 13:23]

Very clear and expressive. Hats off to you for being daring with your subjects.

Flavia (5327)
[2007-11-16 3:02]


Nice to see Joaquin as a subject here, not as an object only. Here you 'make' him stand by himself. Sure he is still a working man, in his uniform and with the tools on his hands, but he is also Joaquim, an unique human being with eyes full of stories to tell us. Thanks for showing us an unique, but universal Peru.



genepy (242)
[2007-12-30 2:16]


i like this N&B with this grain.


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