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Love the picture and this is evident in his work. With innovation, creativity and determination, the photographer has set up a multiple career from what began as just a hobby for children, the photographic agency of the photojournalism abstract photo of extreme sports will still passing through the creation of microsite for the local cuisine, environmentalist , Writer and local representative of Tibetan people. EuroNews has been talking to the photographer who takes the name of United Press Photo to the four corners of the mundo.Carlos Sousa will move in several areas of his art. He lives divided between Portugal and Brazil, but will run the world. On the photographic side, joined to photojournalism and is presently frequent contributor to several newspapers and magazines regional, national and foreign. Another of his hobbies is music that combines with the professional work, work that gives him a special pleasure shooting. "When the concerts reach a large audience, as was recently the former DOORS part in the events of ALLGARVE or Tiesto and David Guetta, I'd rather stay right in the middle of the crowd and feel the feeling of the moment, when I take pictures', confessed , With an enthusiastic smile. The first works were professionals who did business as a photographer of radicals such as Sustainable Building and TT TransAlgarve, today collaborates with Zonaventura

Also gone, recently, for a more commercial area, the dissemination of associations, ONGs, volunteers and related the Internet, and has even created a department within the United Press Photo Sites For All / That makes the microsite and places them in the air within 24 hrs. 'It was a crucial stage of my life the creation of the SFA, I was already environmentalist and always had a very own with noble causes and humanitarian associations, because we microsite created by the outside world was through one of them who received a mail " fantastic "e. .. Tuesday reached immediately to request from the organization of the Dalai Lama FREETIBET the creation of a microsite in English language and explicit photos with the suffering Tibetan, I came to know more closely the Tibetan cause and I wish that everyone in some way understand, at least ethically what is at stake in the demonstrations against the Chinese in Tibet ... I was 3 months in China and I have the exact idea of social realities ... (no more comments) later I was invited to be local representative, place that hold up today. said touched on the Free Tibet Portugal

As we were referring, the passion for photography came very early, but there are only about 15 years is that really took shape the party having made several professional courses and workshops all over the world, stressing it is a postgraduate in New York Institute of Photography for the period of 4 years. The technical development was achieved through several courses and workshops, but also of research done on a personal basis. "Where there are workshops aimed at areas that I often try to taste them, either in New York or in Macau where it was twice", said. On these occasions, and learn more about the art that is dedicated, would also take to meet local 'not of indole tourist' and people, because communication is a strong ability of relationship with Carlos Sousa.

"Since child who liked to shoot, still have a machine that was from my maternal grandmother and my recollection of childhood and adolescent, took many pictures with her, is a Kodak Junior I, constructed in 1950 in England and uses a film 620, As incredible as it may seem today to use for each specific work, there is nothing like it, nor my Canon 1Ds Mark III 'account, laughing.

"What seduces me photojournalism is completely pure and hard, was in the Bosnian war will atr痙 few years and I'm going to an area of war again, have been by a wire to my trip to Georgia in this latest conflict ... ', Said. Carlos Sousa lives with great enthusiasm for the environment and complex world of photography, trying to beat himself every day. "I like the way that people who live daily with journalistic commenting on my work, saying what you think is wrong and what is right, always liked the criticism provided it is constructive", revealed. For years, maintains presence on the site "looks" / bykynys an online community of photographers. Here, the name of BYKYNYS rises in New York had much feedback on other types of photographic work, which enabled it to evolve in the area of digital photography abstract. 'I was influenced by my friends to release more rebel side and I came back to digital photography with a piece of abstract color and features irreverent, which marks a departure for the 2nd exhibition, official site BYKYNYS IN NEW YORK working to expose I already have missing only places with the necessary conditions for this ... I am preparing the launch of BYKYNYS IN NEW YORK in Holland for the next spring, has always been a city that welcomed me with open arms, without prejudice and with many artists friends. "

Being a man of many projects, the manager of photographic agency United Press Photo which has also photographers and journalists involved in the whole world, Carlos Sousa always wishes to announce that "it is an agency where they are the photographers and journalists members, who decide the direction and guidance of work to be done, just the fact that use our name is already a security professional, because the more members we have will be our best offer to the customer and therefore more areas of work covered, however all go through a rigorous process of training so that all the initial criteria are applied ... 'concerns with air of duty.

At the time of listing some of their ideas and the future launch of the 3rd book collective "Photo Without Borders" Volume I, which will have 150 participants in total of 3 editions, the 2nd exhibition of digital photography abstract you mentioned earlier, the photographer-artist who also has a kitchen in p騷inho regional states that, "These activities are increasingly forgotten. I would like to photograph the traditional dishes made on the spot "in situ", I, as well as a large part of people like to know how are real, and the record from the preparation to table ", he said. 'When I was in love with local cuisine, took up a course taught by Head of Cooking Vitor Sobral. Because some of my work is therefore linked to restoration ", confessed. Carlos Sousa as well as several books of photography has published one with a philosophical aspect, which is of particular affection the FILOZUFANDUS - Philosophies worldly city that is already in the 3rd edition, can be seen from its homepage
Since early began to travel world, because his grandfather is producer of port wine and accompanies him on international business trips, knowing more than 40 countries, magazines and newspapers, published a small part of his vast estate photographs of 15 years of career Clusters of international, lives in Brazil and Photo 6 months in the year in the Northeast, Ceara, S. Louis of Maranhao, Piaui, Belem do Para, Jericocoara among many other tropical paradises, is a member of several institutions of photography as the International Society of Photography - E. U. A. - Artistic Cultural Association "ESARTE" - Grammichele - Catania - Italy, Portugal and the latest in the ALFA - Free Association of photographers in the Algarve - among many others.
Finally this estrevista thanking the way the photographer received in serving in Portugal Masters, equal to himself, equal to that noble cause is a member, fight for them voluntarily and believes that the world can have peace and ethics, that the world can be environmentally better than it is today, just as we all do a little to build a future with tomorrow ...

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