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OK timwe to change my image.

I like photography. I am unsure about how it is similar to alot of others on this site though. I am what I call myself an unconvential photographer. My photos and the way I choose to carry them through is in a way which is indivudual to what my tastes are. You have people ( sure in good nature ) reccomend a more mainstream suggestion on this site alot. Which is why I like it here because people can be so suggestive and helpful.

I am on this site because I wish to see as much of the world as possible. This media is the best possibe ( apart from traveling ) because you can see the world from a local perspective andsee places from angles that are not just "postcard" images. As you can see I do very little post processing. I am a believer that the image you shoot is the one you should be proud of. Hence mine stay the way I saw them. Automatic enhancements aside:P

I hope people enjoy my photos. Sure they are of things and in angles which seem bizzare but it's just my flair I suupose.

have fun
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