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I致e been a keen photographer for many years, although I was a little slow (2006) to swap to digital cameras.

I like a range of photography landscape, architectural, street, macro and travel. I also enjoy a bit of creative work.
TrekEarth is a great place to share photos, a great place to learn more and a great place for researching planned travel destinations. My travel has taken me to a big variety of places see below.

I enjoy taking members to out of the way places, especially in Australia..
My recent trips have been to Uzbekistan, South Korea and the Kimberley in NW Australia in 2017. Last year I stayed in Australia and travelled to the wild west coast of Tasmania and then went on an 11 week, 11,000km road trip though Queensland's tropical and outback regions. This year's main trip has been to Alaska and Hawaii.

I currently revisiting and posting from some of my very early film era travels. For a while I went quiet on TE posting only when on the road. Because those photos weren't always the best I'm revisiting those trips. I'm also not posting photos taken on the on the road as I travel so gaps in my posting is mainly due to being on a trip somewhere where I don稚 have decent internet connections.

As with most TE members these days I do post large photos although just straight onto the main TE site. To access the large versions easily if you are using a tablet just hold your finger on the image and the click open (in a new window). If you are using a PC right click on the image and select open. For Apple computers Gert tells me he just has to drag the photo to the desktop and click it to see the larger version. Right click doesn't work.
I致e always been a keen traveler and many trips (some quite long ones) are represented in my photos on TE. All our travel has been independent with the exception of Uzbekistan and The Kimberley which were tours. The only cruise that we致e ever done was recently in the Inside Passage in Alaska where we went on a small ship (80 passengers) cruise.

Trips represented on TE:
1970-72 Living in Papua New Guinea
1971-72 Europe on $5 a Day (England, Scotland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Holland) plus India (New Delhi, Agra), Thailand and Hong Kong (7 weeks - European winter)
1988 Malaysia
1989 Central Australia
1994 Indonesia (Java and Bali)
1995 Tasmania
1997 Far West, NSW
1998 France (Paris, Dordogne), Turkey and Greece (13 weeks)
India (Mumbai), China (Beijing)
1999 Central Australia
2000 New Zealand
2001 New Zealand (Coromandel)
Lord Howe Island
2002 France (Paris, Languedoc, Provence), Italy (Tuscany, Rome) (7 weeks)
2003 Vanuatu
2004 Birdsville Track, Flinders Ranges
2005 Queensland (Carnarvon Gorge NP)
2006 France (Paris, Bretagne, Loire, Auvergne, Tarn), Italy (Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Bologna, Verona, Venice), Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Ireland (15 weeks)
Hong Kong
2008 Far North Queensland
Norfolk Island
2009 Morocco, Spain (Andalucia, Madrid), France (Paris, Normandy, Strasbourg), Belgium, Holland, Germany (Rhine Valley) (15 weeks)
Hong Kong
2010 Northern Territory (Darwin, Kakadu NP, Katherine, Lichfield NP)
Willandra NP
2011 Victoria (Grampians NP)
Victoria (King Valley)
New Zealand (South Island)
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (6 weeks)
2012 Kangaroo Island
Canada (British Columbia, Alberta)
China (Guangzhou)
2013 Western Australia (9 weeks)
Tasmania (East Coast, SW)
2014 Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway (Bergen), Scotland (Orkneys, Skye), England (Cornwall, London) (10 weeks)
Hong Kong
2015 Mungo NP
USA (8 weeks)
2016 Victoria (great Ocean Road)
Switzerland, Sicily, France (Lyon, Burgundy, Paris) (7 weeks)
Hong Kong
2017 Western Australia (The Kimberley)
Uzbekistan, South Korea
2018 Tasmania (West Coast)
Queensland (Tropical and Outback) (7 weeks)
2019 Victoria (Alpine and NE coast)
NSW back roads
Alaska and Hawaii (6 weeks)
2020 NSW outback - the Darling River Run
NSW high country - Snowy Mountains
2021 South Queensland national parks
NEW South Wales Outback - the Darling River Run again.
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Fuji FinePix X10, Kodak Retinette 11A, Nikon Coolpix S560, Nikon D50 Digital SLR, Nikon F60, Olympus Pen half frame, Pentax K1, Pentax K1 II, Pentax K20D, Pentax K3, Ricoh GR III, Ricoh XR10, Samsung A51 phone, Samsung S5 phone

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