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I am, first and foremost, an outdoor adventurer. Having grown up in Russia, my father and the Caucuses Mountains sparked my interest in mountaineering and respect for nature. After traveling the world, I now live in the Bay Area, California, where the Eastern Sierras are my backyard for adventure. I have since focused my outdoor interests on mountain climbing, exploration of remote areas and discovering alpine first ascents. During the week, I work in Silicon Valley where I satiate my interest in digital media and Internet technologies. It is on the weekends that I pursue my outdoor interests and photography, traveling tens of thousands of miles each year to follow the beckoning of nature.

I became dedicated to photography in 2004 in order to share my passion for the outdoor experience with those close to me, family and friends. Although inspired by many outdoor and adventure photographers of the 20th century, the main catalyst was Galen Rowell's book "Mountain Light". Rowell's spirit as a climber/adventurer and vision as a photographer are profound. It is through seeking this harmonious relationship between adventure and photography that I thrive. Taking my camera to shoot remote destinations that are not generally seen and capturing unique perspectives of familiar landscapes are my interests; documenting these scenes in the purist way possible is my vision. Using only natural light and with a minimal amount of post-processing, I seek to show these places as I experience them; nature at its most pure and beautiful. The exposure of my photography has since expanded to an audience around the world.

After experimenting with various photographic mediums, I now work with professional digital SLR equipment due to its ease of mobility and high quality image output.

My photographs have been published in various print and online media, including National Geographic Adventure, Bay Nature magazines, MacGraw Hill publications and American Alpine Journal. My prints have been selected to participate in distinguished juried shows. I stay actively involved in a variety of climbing and photography communities and give occasional public slideshows.

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