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UPDATED February 07:
I'm now back to Afghanistan after a break spent in Ivory Coast and Namibia. Still recovering from the transition... :-)

Hi TE fellows!
It痴 been 10 days (or 15 or 20 depending when you are reading this piece of craps of an introduction ;-)) that I joint TE and let me tell you it痴 been a blast! (Naaah, I知 not good at lying it痴 been C+)
10 days during which I致e tried to learn a bit what痴 going on here. And I don稚 pretend I did to be honest. It痴 quiet a "m駘is-m駘os" in here! So many different photos, so many different styles, so many philosophies on life, so many different expectations from this site and so many people having more points than me ;-). Ahh the point system, with its 3 companions, the green dude laughing, the green dude smiling and the last one who look like he痴 gonna puke (but this one nobody uses it, only for photos of bikinis (yeah siamakjafari how could you? it痴 a serious site here, we池e all very disappointed in you, haha))
Where was I? Yes diversity of photos, from postal cards to photo journalism, from oversaturated landscapes to b/w portraits, from daily life to 渡ightly life, and from serious photos to bikinis (yeah siamakjafari, sorry to insist but you have really crossed the line here, haha). Diversity of photographers. Here I must say there are so many people who impress me, especially one ahh what痴 the name again? You know the one I meanAnyway, the photo journalists (to be?) and the 都treet photo workers are really the one that amaze me the most here and I think I知 gonna have a good time continuing browsing their galleries.

What about me you would ask (I know you didn稚 ask but I値l pretend you did ;-))?
I知 29, working in Northern Afghanistan for an NGO. Concerning photography (as any topic related to bikinis seem to be banished here can稚 believe it) I don稚 know what style I知 supposed to have (but I guess I知 gonna learn about myself by looking at others photos here haha this one was hell of a politically correct statement ;-) (Wait, I was serious in fact). Well, regarding my style, maybe I would say I知 a 菟oint and think twice stop pointing move around the subject repoint realize I致e got the sun in my face move again shoot without pointing check the photo on my LCD realize what a mess I did delete the photo (shit not this one) repoint again realize the subject is gone blame myself and go home and check what痴 new on TE type of photographer. A unique style indeed.
Let痴 be serious a second (pff), I really want to say congratulation to the people who have put this "m駘is-m駘os" in place, I had some good laugh and nice moments so far. And for the people with 16000 points (without a single puking guy) and 700 (mostly good if not excellent) photos, you really show the light but it痴 a bloody long path to get there, I think I知 gonna snooze a bit first.



p.s: And siamakjafari, we really have to talk I think ;-)
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