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Abdalrhem Alarjan Contact

الاسم : عبدالرحيم العرجان

Date of Birth: Amman, 6/3/1973
Nationality: Jordanian
Mobile Bahran ++973 36 43 44 27
In Jordan ++962 79 550 39 18
Email : [email protected]

I like most to do in my free time is traveling across the world in order to learn as much as possible about the history , folklore and community life , during my trips I joint many Volunteer works for help people and peace

Member of Arab Union for internet Writer . member of international relation committee .

Member of writer without border - manage many projects .Germany

Board member of international youth council Geneva

Funding and board member of JORDAN YOTU FORUM , on 2001 I was elected as a member of the follow up committee which was established to follow up the youth projects result form the forum k Board Memgers 2005 Jordan


Organizing the JORDAN ENERNATIONAL RALLY and Marshal of Formla 1 in Bahrain ( WRC , F1 , FiA)

Active member in the CONVERSATION CLUP, AMERICAN LANGUAGE CENTER ,Which was aiming to enhance the English conversation skill beside engage its members in voluntary work , commemorated by his excellency the Ambassador of U.S.A in Amman .

المركز الذهبي في مسابقة اتحاد المصورين العرب أوروبا بتنافس ما بين 32 دوله ألمانيا -2009

المركز الذهبي- محور العمارة- المهرجان العربي الاوروبي السادس - المانيا 2009

المشاركة في معرض الشمس والبحر- ألمانيا 2009
المشاركة في معرض يوم المراه العالمي ألمانيا 2009
المشاركة في معرض الليوان مهرجان الجنادرية السعودية 2009
معرض "دعوة من بلادي" مملكة البحرين 2008
مهرجان فاس الدولي السابع للفنون التشكيلية - 2009
معرض "مائوية عمان" - مملكة البحرين - 2009
بينالي الثقافة والفنون- مصر - 2009
معرض مائة صورة ومائة مصور - الاردن 2009
مهرجان ماتسودا- انطلق من فرنسا الى عدة دول 2009-2010
مهرجان جدة غير 2009 م 1430 ه معرض الفن والابداع - السعودية
مهرجان ابها - معرض الطرز المعمارية القديمة - السعودية 2009
معرض التبادل الثقافي البحريني الالماني - البحرين 2009

Latest Alabdat Professional:

Center in Golden contest Arab Union of Photographers Europe competition between 32 countries - Germany -2009
Participate in the course of the sun and the sea - Germany - 2009
Participate in the International Women's Day - Germany - 2009
Participate in the Liwan - Janadriyah Festival - Saudi Arabia 2009
Exhibition "call from my" - Kingdom of Bahrain - 2008
Fes Festival of the Seventh International Plastic Arts - 2009

Member Since
Nokia N90 2mx, Sony Cybeshot DSC - P200 7.2m

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