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Old Town market square
Old Town market square (2)
Trip Date:2006-03-10 - 2006-03-25
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The purpose of my small journey was actually a conference I was delegate at, and I had some time to explore the city before and after the conference.
At first it was difficult to get oriented in the city, especially the city centre. It's because of the huge building of the Palace of Culture and Science - an enormous structure, tower-like, symmetrically built so from all its sides it looks the same.
The city centre is one thing, but just go to see the Old Town! You look around and you can't believe it's rebuilt 1:1 almost from nothing after WW II! I fell in love with all these beautiful houses, painted in different friendly coluors :) The atmosphere there is amazing, you hear around you more foreign-speakers than Polish :-D Everyone taking photos (of course). My camera almost froze because of the cold weather (it was rather cold there, while Sofia enjoyed 20 C, Warsaw temperatures were no more than 0-3 C!!! Anyway, it was not a big problem as long as you find a place to drink a cup of hot tea.
I kept on walking, walking, walking in and around the old city, capturing ornaments, small restaurants, house roofs... Everytime I entered an unexplored street I was amazed by the colours used for the buildings and especially the combination of colours of neighbouring houses! It reminded me very, very much of the Old town of Plovdiv back in Bulgaria and this was another reason why I felt this place so close to home :) These narrow streets, and when you look above you see almost nothing else but the roofs of the buildings and the blue sky between them :)
Something I really admired were all those ornaments and metal things hanging on the walls of the buildings, also the clocks on the walls... each one totally different from the other! I wonder how much time they've "played" creating them... They really give a unique spirit to the whole place. Without them, all these buildings would have looked dull even with their lively colours.
So, on my way around the Old town I reached the Old town square! All these buildings I was talking about, each one with different colour, ornaments, height and decorations :-D And I took a photo of it with a carriage in the foreground! People like this man in the carriage are making city tours with their carriages starting from the... graveyard. It might sound weird, but the graveyard in question was a very old one and it was alsmost untouched by the city bombings during WWII - a preserved original piece of history in a city almost destroyed. At the square there are some benches where people can sit and admire the view. Also a statue of a syren which is something like a symbol for Warsaw (or Poland - I didn't quite understand of what exactly). What is interesting about the Old Town market are the walls of the buildings in the corners of the square where the small streets flow into it. They are thicker than usual and they look like small fortifications - I understood it's because in the past this was actually the very inner part of the city, the most important place in Warsaw and actually the city consisted only of the Old town surrounded by a thick wall. And for defence reasons buildings near the centre of the town were built in a way so that the streets leading to the centre get narrower and narrower.
Each part of Warsaw I visited revealed to me more and more interesting stories. But it's never enough just to visit a city and look around by yourself depending on your tourguide. You can learn much more about the capital and Polish culture from its people. I was lucky to meet a few Polish students and, honestly, I had a great time with them and I felt like being home! It's always nice to meet other cultures, but from the time spent with them I realized how close Bulgarian and Polish cultures are. The sounding of the languages is similar (although I had huuuge difficulties pronouncing words in Polish because of all these consonants in one place I'm not used to!!!), and probably the way of thinking is similar in a way.
In the end of my journey, I felt completely changed - even though I was at this place only for a week. And the combination of all the things I've written above is perhaps to be "blamed". If you have the chance to go to Poland, don't miss this city, although I'm sure and I know there are even more beautiful places than this in the country.