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Trip Date:2006-08-22 - 2006-09-05
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Life offered me a second opportunity to go to Poland. This time I visited not only Warsaw, but Krakow as well
I managed to take photos of places in Warsaw I didn't get the chance to reach during my first visit. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that not walks around the city were limited to the minimum.
Luckily, the weather didn't cause any problems during my stay in Krakow. As my time was limited, I stayed there for only one day. I took the midnight train from Warsaw to Krakow and 7 hours later me and my friends reached the city.
Krakow in a September morning is quiet and cloudy. The first travellers arrive at that time and if they have enough luck, they can find a very pleasant cafe in the main square. We found a cafe like these just behind the Cloth Hall (Sukennice). Cafes like this one are opened in every single house in the square.
I was very impressed to see the streets being washed and all garbage from the previous day being collected early in the morning. I heard this happens every day. (Perhaps it would be good of maoyrs of Bulgarian cities to learn from Krakow's experience.)
After 8 a.m. the city rapidly began waking up, more and more tourists were arriving and more sites were being opened.
The narrow streets with old houses, the tower in the centre, the cathedral with the trumpeter, Sukennice, Wawel hill with the castle... everything is so amazing there, as if frozen in time.
The city centre never sleeps, at least that's what I saw there. We left by train to Warsaw at 1 a.m. and at that time the main square and streets were still full of people!
It seems that one can always find something interesting: anytime, anywhere in Krakow.
If I have a third chance to see Poland, one of my destinations would definitely be Krakow again.